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Korean – English translator – the bridge between two worlds

Language is not the only barrier standing between Western businesses and Korean businesses. For a Western company that wishes to initiate business partnerships with Korean companies, there is a need to understand that the lifestyle and business ethics of Koreans may came as a surprise. These surprises can become obstacles when the language and cultural difference is permitted to defer.


A reputable company hoping to form ties or do business with Korean companies need a very capable, meticulous, professional and yet affordable Korean translator.


Hiring an English to Korean translator and beyond

C3i3 is a company offering top quality Korean translation services to companies hoping to set up business deals with Korean companies. Most of our Korean translators are well-versed with translating both from Korean to English and English to Korean. C3i3's Korean translators has been specifically trained to speak, write and translate well in both languages so that the result is a marketing or technical data that is masterfully crafted into a well-written, clear and concise, unmistakably captivating content.


Our Korean translation service is applicable to both website and physically printed documents.


In-depth knowledge is of utmost importance to our Korean translators

Having being in business for some time now, we understand that there is a concern about privacy and security of data and information when a company hires a Korean translator for a job. We have made incredible effort to train our Korean native speakers to be more versatile and inquisitive than others. Our Korean translators will go beyond the call of duty to translate word for word – in fact, what C3i3's Korean translators will dig into the subject matter, understand the implication at the core of the message and translate documents that makes it easy to understand for the reader.


Korean translator service prerequisite - Cultural appropriateness

As mention, Koreans have their own culture and the way they do business is completely different from the way Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc. The Korean translator that your company hires would have to have a deep-rooted understanding about all these cultural eccentricities which is something we call cultural appropriateness.


Our Korean translators have explicit experience and knowledge of native fluency in Korean, hence, communication is not dampened by mannerism.


Koreans still prefer to use their native language

Whilst English is one of the most used languages the world over, especially on the Internet, many Koreans still prefer to surf and read in their own native language. This, for you, means that in order to breech the barrier, a hands-on Korean translator is of indispensable necessity.


For more information about how C3i3's Korean translators can contribute towards making your website or marketing documents more Korean-friendly, give our customer service representatives a call right now.